Daniel Craig breaks silence over recent nuptials

Daniel Craig, star of many ‘James Bond’ movies, has finally broken his silence over his recent wedding to Rachel Weisz.

The pair of acting professionals were married during June, much to the public’s surprise – as no details had previously been announced regarding the event.

However Craig has now told Mirror.co.uk that he planned the whole thing on the sly. The 007 star said: “I did it secretly, I can’t tell you how I pulled it off.”

“My private life is incredibly important to me and that aspect is more than incredibly important to me,” added Craig, referring to his new bride and why the couple didn’t announce their nuptials prior to becoming wed.

His comments left much up in the air, such as where the wedding reception was located or how many guests the pair invited. Given his reluctance to say much at all, it is thought these details will remain unknown for the time being.

What is clear is that both parties are delighted at becoming Mr and Mrs Craig. This was confirmed by fellow actor, Jason Issacs, who is close to Craig.

He said of his friend on Metro.co.uk: “Women all want to sleep with him and men all think he’s having more relationships with women than they are – and they’re right! But not any more – he’s married and very happy.”