David Cameron determined to legalise gay marriage

David Cameron is determined to legalise gay marriage by 2015.

The Prime Minister outlined his commitment to giving homosexual couples equal marriage rights in a reception for the LGBT community at Downing Street on Tuesday.

According to telegraph.co.uk, he told guests: “I think marriage is a great institution. I think it helps people to commit, it helps people to say that they’re going to care and love for another person. It helps people to put aside their selfish interests and think of the union that they’re forming.

“It’s something I feel passionately about and I think if its good enough for straight people like me, it’s good enough for everybody and that’s why we should have gay marriage and we will.”

Cameron praised former prime minister Tony Blair for introducing civil partnerships but vowed to take homosexual marriage rights one step further. Many gay couples are likely to be thrilled at the prospect of turning up at their wedding reception venue enjoying the same rights as those in traditional marriages.

However, politics.co.uk report that the prime minister might have trouble convincing his backbenchers to feel the same way about equal rights for homosexuals. Many Conservative MPs are known to be against gay marriage, although it is thought the reforms would have plenty of support from Labour and the Liberal Democrats.