David Cameron: High-speed rail "essential" to UK's position in "global race"

Prime Minister David Cameron says London’s HS2 rail link will prove “essential” to the UK’s chances of being a “winner in the global race”, reports yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk.

The project has attracted controversy over claims it would ruin some of Britain’s ‘picturesque’ landscapes and only benefit the capital city.

Mr Cameron insisted that the whole of Britain would see the advantages gained by pushing HS2 ahead, singling out the Northern regions in his statement.

“I think it will bring a big benefit to a region like the North West and I think it will bring a big benefit to our country for this reason,” he told standard.co.uk.

“I think if we want to be in the front rank of countries, if we want to be a winner in what I call the global race, then we’ve got to have a really fast and efficient transport infrastructure.”

The Prime Minister claimed that high-speed versions of popular routes like the West Coast Main Line would “shrink” the country “in terms of time”. This could encourage more regional companies to not only attend more conferences in the capital, but to also book out some of the city’s corporate venues to hold their own gatherings.

Indeed, Mr Cameron said high-speed rail could provide a “big enhancement” to the British economy, much like it has for so many around the world.

“We’re a little bit behind so I think it’s right that we catch up,” he concluded.