Decision on 2018 World Cup revealed today

A decision on who will host the 2018 World Cup will be made today, with England hoping to claim the honour, reports The Telegraph.

Labelled as the “greatest show on earth”, the World Cup is one of the world’s best-loved sporting tournaments, and the honour of hosting is up for grabs by Russia, Holland and Belgium (jointly), Spain and Portugal (jointly) and England. This is the first time in 52 years that England has bid for the hosting duties, in what David Beckham, former England captain, has called “our time.”

“We have the most passionate fans, we have the expectancy of a whole nation behind us, and they want this more than anyone,” added Beckham. If England are successful in their bid, it would mean a huge amount of business for London, not only for tourists travelling to the capital, but with thousands of people renting event venues in which to host World Cup-themed parties and match nights.

Russia has so far been the favourite to win; however last night, bookmakers were dishing out 11-10 odds for England to win. An executive committee, consisting of 22 Fifa officials, will decide at 3pm today who will have the rights to host. Backing England have been the Prime Minister, David Cameron, footballing legend David Beckham, and Royal representative, Prince William – aptly nicknamed “The Three Lions” throughout the campaign.

“I have had a few challenges throughout my career; it is another one of those things where, when you represent your country, you give everything you have,” says Beckham in the Yorkshire Post, “I have obviously done that on the field a few times, and now I am trying to do it off the field. We will be working day and night to bring it to us.”