Decorating ideas for a wedding reception venue

Finding the perfect wedding reception venue is a huge relief for any couple preparing for their big day however, deciding how best to decorate the room can sometimes prove difficult.

Whether you have chosen a venue that is well kept and modern, or aged and traditional, there are a number of special touches that can be made to the room which will ensure your guests will be as amazed as you were when you first walked through your venue’s doors.

The use of white table cloths on a round table will create a clean and traditional look, whilst matching your napkin colour to the floral centrepiece on each table will help bring a touch of colour to the room.

Chair covers or sashes are a lovely way of creating a polished and professional look, tying a simple bow around the back of each chair is a perfect way to complement your chosen colour scheme.

According to Alice du Parcq Beauty and Features editor of Brides Magazine, the country’s newest and biggest trend at wedding venues is room fragrancing.

“I know first hand how powerful fragrancing your wedding venue can be,” she wrote in her column.

“At my own reception, I positioned carefully selected candles in certain zones to give each room a 3-dimensional feel, the whole day had a delicious scented story to it.”

“So many people commented, but no one could quite put their finger on it, I guarantee it will make your wedding even more memorable to you and your guests,” she added.