Delegate wedding planning tasks to family and friends

A wedding planner has noted that it’s a good idea to make use of friends and family members when planning the big day, as they will likely be all too happy to help.

Writing for, Charli Burnage from Collection 26 also reminds brides-to-be to create a list of what needs to be done. The venues, caterers and photographers should all sit at the top of the list, as these are the things that get booked up the quickest she notes. Smaller aspects, although still important, can be arranged later on.

She states that the happy couple should stick to what they like when planning their wedding and shouldn’t try to please everyone.

“This is your chance to embrace your personalities, express who you are and surround guests in a day full of your charm,” she writes. “Be sure to stay true to what you like, after all your guests are there to see you marry the one you love.”    

Author of ‘The Handcrafted Wedding’, Emma Arendoski, comments that it’s important to pick a wedding vendor that is keen to help the bride plan their big day, reports However, she reminds ladies to be patient and not to have unrealistic expectations, adding that things don’t always go exactly to plan.