Diamond Jubilee Egg hunt gets underway

More than 200 giant Easter eggs await to be found throughout London as part of Fabergé’s Big Egg Hunt, reports Event Magazine.

The promotional stint, held in aid of charities Action for Children and Elephant Family, will see hundreds – if not thousands – of people searching for the fibreglass goodies.

One egg in particular carries a very special prize: the Diamond Jubilee Egg. Featuring 60 gemstones – one for each year of the Queen’s reign – and 500 grams of rose gold, the unique egg is worth more than £100,000.

Whilst being a great fundraiser, the hunt also looks set to promote event spaces and venues across the capital.

All of the eggs in the hunt have been designed by some of the world’s leading artists, architects, jewellers and designers. These include Mulberry, Sir Ridley Scott, Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes, Polly Morgan and Bruce Oldfield.

London-Insider.co.uk says by using an iPhone or Android device, eager egg hunters can find clues on social media as to the whereabouts of the next treasure.

Commenting on the action, Dame Clare Tickell, Action for Children’s chief executive, says: “The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is an enchanting event, which will capture the hearts, imagination and interest of everyone taking part.

“It’s particularly heartening to know that money will be raised thanks to an event which will be hugely enjoyable for the thousands of children and families who will be taking part.”

Fabergé’s Big Egg Hunt will continue for the next 40 days.