Differentiation the key to B2B events, claims EMA chair

Being able to offer something that competitors can only dream of is the key to success in hosting business-to-business events.

That’s according to Richard Waddington, chairman of the Event Marketing Association (EMA), who shared a number of event-hosting insights with delegates at his group’s latest UK discussion.

As reported by citmagazine.co.uk, the association supports the ongoing development of corporate event marketers through its various events across the UK.

The EMA’s most recent gathering featured talks on several different aspects of differentiation, such as staying ahead of the game and making a difference with a tight budget.

Cited by meetpie.com, Mr Waddington said the best B2B gatherings are made up of the right people, the right content and plenty of interaction.

These three things, according to Mr Waddington, can help create a truly unique event.

“You want your clients going away feeling ‘that was a good investment of my time, I learnt something, shared something, met industry peers at a quality event – I’ll make sure I go again.”

Mr Waddington also warned attendees not to ignore the “basic logistic factors” that should support each an every B2B event. These range from fundamentals like the venue, food and catering to points like communication and invites.

The EMA chair considers these as ‘hygiene factors’ that go unnoticed until their absence is highlighted.