Diners care more about nutrition than whether meals are locally-sourced, says study

New research has found that diners are more worried about the nutrition contained in food than whether it has been locally-sourced, according to businessgreen.com.

The research was carried out by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). The survey, which questioned 1,000 diners, found that 53 per cent said the main issue they care about when eating out was the nutritional value of their food.

This is a huge change from when the study was taken back in 2009, with it then finding that 67 per cent said they wanted locally-sourced food on the menu. The news is likely to come of interest to restaurant owners, as well as those catering for diners at event venues.

Data also showed that there was a huge shift in attitude towards organic food in the last four years. Back in 2009, 46 per cent of those who eat out said they wanted to see organic produce on a menu, whereas only 5 per cent see it as an issue now.

Talking about the results, Mark Linehan, managing director of the SRA, told bighospitality.co.uk: “These latest findings show that the dining public is taking a more sophisticated approach, recognising the importance of wider issues like…health and nutrition.”