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Diversity identified as key meetings trend

A new report has highlighted demographic changes as one of the biggest challenges that meeting planners will have to contend with in the future, meetpie.com reports.    

‘Meetings and Conventions 2030: A study of megatrends shaping our industry’, by the German Convention Bureau, sought to determine which trends might impact traditional meetings in the years to come.    

While it identified globalisation, technology, mobility and sustainable development as four of the five ‘megatrends’, the needs of a more diverse workforce was highlighted as an important consideration.   

Planners will need to bear in mind the needs of an ageing, more diverse workforce and the increasing number of female employees when organising meetings and conferences. This will mean observance of holidays, thought about food choices and the security of lone delegates, according to businesstraveldestinations.com.  

The report also asserted that there would be an added requirement for planners to use flexible formats, to enable those with caring responsibilities – predominantly women – to attend events. 

Accessibility will be a key consideration for older, perhaps less mobile employees – a fact that extends beyond simply the room layout and to how delegates can reach the venue.

Commenting on the report, German Convention Bureau managing director, Matthias Schultze said: “The meetings industry is an economic driver for nations all over the world. As an innovation leader, we envision this megatrends study helping players in the industry develop a future-oriented strategy that can generate business and economic success.”