Don’t be pantomine villain ahead of Christmas party

While human resources teams should remind staff to behave at their Christmas party, they should not overstep the mark.

Tara Daynes, an independent consultant, wrote on her HR Zone blog that such celebrations have the potential to create embarrassing situations, but managers must make sure they do not turn into the “pantomime villain” by going overboard with warnings.

She described how she has dealt with all sorts of issues during her career – some being more serious than others – when employees have forgotten they represent the firm when they are at the Christmas party.

“So remember – don’t overreact to harmless banter or jokes, and make allowances for mitigating circumstances such as too many sweet sherries. But at the same time don’t excuse the inexcusable or condone inappropriate behaviour,” remarked Ms Daynes.

According to figures reported by Mail Online, many staff appear to fully expect to need a rest after their Christmas parties’ exertions, as one quarter of them planned ahead and took the following day off.

The study claimed that more than half of employees who attend their corporate celebration will have a sore head the day after, while many will only do a four-hour day when they make it into the office.