Don’t leave keepsakes at the wedding reception, warns bride

A recently-wed couple have published some advice on planning a wedding, thanks to the power of hindsight.

Published on the Offbeat Bride blog, the bride explains that whilst everyone makes a list of things to take to the local wedding venue, many forget to keep track of what they need to take home. “You’d be amazed at what people leave on site and forget to collect, simply because they think someone else has arranged to bring these keepsakes back,” writes the offbeat bride known online as Edolcourt. “Very often these things aren’t noticed until you come back from honeymoon.”

One way to keep the day running smoothly is to brief the key speakers on anything they need to know about the guests. Edolcourt explains that she knew her mother would want to include the Jewish tradition of the breaking of the glass, and expected her to produce the glass, get the husband to stamp on it and encourage the audience to cheer ‘Mazel Tov’. “In actuality, 99% of our guests were Church of England and I have to advise her that if she wanted everyone to applaud and yell out ‘Mazel Tov’ she needed to tell them in advance.”

Finally, when it’s all over, Edolcourt advises that you thank everyone publicly. She suggests that if you’re fond of the companies who have helped make your day a success, you should write to them and tell them so, giving permission to use your words as a testimonial. “I know it’s not really in our job descriptions to act as their marketing departments. But as so many of them went out of their way for me, I am genuinely moved to want to make a difference to their business.”