Don’t let the snow ruin a winter wedding

With the adverse weather getting worse and worse across the UK, many planning winter weddings for December or January are panicking that their nuptials may not go ahead. To combat this, Hello Magazine suggests not worrying about something that can’t be controlled, and instead focusing on other aspects of the wedding – providing some handy tips to make any winter wedding a success.

Firstly, ladies should remember that the cold shouldn’t prompt them to forget about the dress of their dreams – even if it is strapless, or doesn’t have a lot of coverage, pashminas, shawls and glamorous coats or jackets can cover up any bare skin.

Secondly, battle the cold weather by spreading candles throughout the wedding reception venue and church/place of registry – providing a romantic atmosphere and added heat for the guests. Also, providing some deliciously hot dishes for the reception (along with a hearty liquor or mulled wine) will warm guests up straight away – The Bride’s Dream suggests serving warming soups or spicy dishes.

Be sure to pick warming colours for weddings held during the festive period – golds, greens, and deep, dark tones work well – and will most likely invoke feelings of joy, peace and happiness.

Above all else, bride and grooms to be should remember to purchase wedding insurance as soon as possible, and be realistic about the figure the wedding is likely to cost. This means even the worst possible turn of events is covered, and provides soon-to-be newly weds with a strong sense of security and calm.


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