Double celebration for Lily Allen

Songstress Lily Allen married partner Sam Cooper last weekend, and had a double celebration after announcing on the day that she is “at least” three months’ pregnant.

According to the Mail Online, Allen revealed the news after the ceremony, during the reception, and is apparently “ecstatic” that she’s got another chance at motherhood – after miscarrying twice.

Cooper and Allen were wed in a small church in Cranham, in the Cotswolds; and her laid-back, rustic approach may have inspired other brides-to-be to opt for a similar vintage theme at their wedding ceremony and reception venue.

A source who attended the wedding spoke of how beautiful the day was, particularly when the happy groom announced the news, telling “It was so very, very touching.

“The day was always going to be amazing, but when Sam said Lily was…pregnant, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. There were tears of joy for Lily and Sam.”

Another guest confirmed that Allen is “over the moon” about her pregnancy, calling it the “best news” ever.

Even Allen’s dress designer, Delphine Manivet, spoke out about the pair’s happy announcement, claiming Allen looked even more beautiful with her “little stomach” and that the bride looked “very cute” in her white lace dress.