Dressing for weddings takes work

The most basic rules of dressing appropriately for weddings have been explained by fashion writer Jess Cartner-Morley, head of clothing at Guardian.co.uk.

Those worried about what to wear to the ceremony or to the  wedding reception venue should take her advice; such as that the bride must not be upstaged but that guest should wearing something glamorous.

Cartner-Morley added on Wn.com: “Do wear something upbeat. A wedding is a celebration of love. Don’t wear anything too obviously foxy. You’re there to applaud and cheerlead, not to try and steal the limelight.”

Furthermore, guests should be sure to try to their outfit on before the big day. Otherwise they could get a big surprise and by planning in advance, they can tell whether or not they might need a jacket to go with their outfit – particularly if it’s an autumn or winter wedding.

“Do take a safety pin in your bag,” she added. “There’s always someone at a wedding who needs a safety pin. Be that nice person who comes to the rescue.”

The fashion expert concluded by stating that “outdated traditions” need not necessarily be followed; for example, if a lady is not comfortable wearing a hat, she should not be expected to.