Driving licence scanning could help collate visitor data

Driving licences could prove to be a useful tool for conference space organisers, thanks to a new device which can scan personal data via the licence.

Event technology platform Active Network has created a simple device that can be plugged into a smart phone and scans the driving licences of visitors, allowing users to collate data on visitors who have not pre-registered for an event.

The device is used at a lot of sporting events in the US, such as “registering for a marathon or sports league” according to activenetwork.co.uk. The firm is hoping the technology is adopted by UK organisers.

Dave Alberga, chief executive of the firm, told Event Magazine that event venues in the UK have the potential to adopt the scanning method.

He added: “By scanning the driving licence you can gather fundamental informational like name, address, age and gender, which is automatically added to an audience data bank.”

Rob Nathan, marketing director of Media 10, commented on that gathering data from walk-in visitors is the holy grail for event organisers: “Getting data from walk-up visitors is something that all organisers have been desperate for for years.

“Even if someone has a ticket when they arrive, they may not be the ticket purchaser. If a family of four walks in and the mum bought tickets on her credit card, we have no data for the other three.”