East-West gap in business travel expected

The West’s business travel sector is expected to reach its pre-crash levels by 2018, amadeus.com reports.

According to the new ‘Shaping the Future of Travel’ report from technology provider Amadeus, business travel figures from the West will reach the levels they enjoyed before the global financial crisis by 2018.

Outside of this market, however, it could be a different story altogether. With a number of Asian countries barely being impacted by the financial woes at all, these are expected to see business travel figures improve much quicker than anywhere else. This could even negate any “sluggish” behaviour exhibited in the West.   

Amadeus claimed that Eastern travellers will account for 55 per cent of all business journeys undertaken over the next ten years. Not only that, China may also overtake the US to become the world’s biggest domestic market for business travellers.

Despite these global disparities, Amadeus still said it expects overall growth in the business travel industry, with the next decade seeing a period of sustained growth.

Lead author of the study, Andrew Tessler, told buyingbusinesstravel.com: “The travel industry has had a difficult time in the past five years, but when you look at the report the tide is turning and we see a very strong potential for growth in different sectors – a golden decade is in front of us.”