EasyJet shows interest in Heathrow's expansion plans

EasyJet wants to keep a keen eye on Heathrow’s expansion plans, suggesting the carrier may be looking to move to London’s biggest airport sometime in the near future.

According to telegraph.co.uk, easyJet has requested to attend the London Airports Consultative Committee (LACC) meetings. The LACC represents the airlines operating at Heathrow, particularly their strategic and operational interests. EasyJet apparently wants to be included in these meetings because it has an interest in Heathrow’s expansion plans.

A spokesperson for easyJet states that the airline is eager to keep an eye on the expansion plans of both Heathrow and Gatwick.

“Heathrow is one of less than a handful of primary airports in Europe we don’t operate from,” he explains, reports buyingbusinesstravel.com. “We operate out of hub airports in France, in Italy, in Holland. We don’t currently [operate from Heathrow] but we’ve never said we wouldn’t in the future.”

The West London airport is currently applying for a third runway. If this application is successful, there will be more landing and take-off slots available to new airlines wanting to operate at the airport. For more than ten years, Heathrow has been running at full-capacity and landing slots are so popular, they’re traded for huge eight-figure sums.

If easyJet does move to Heathrow, it could increase its share of the business traveller market even further. Just last month it announced that it served 12 million business passengers in the year to March.