EasyJet targets business travellers with new routes

EasyJet has announced that it will be expanding its European service in a bid to draw in business travellers.        

The budget airline is set to fly five new routes across the continent starting May 30 2014. The flight operator has said that it expects that the number of passengers using the new routes will reach 800,000, increasing the company’s overall number of passengers at Gatwick by five per cent.  

After buying Flybe’s take-off and landing slots, EasyJet will launch its additional services from Gatwick to Newcastle, Jersey, Brussels, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Strasbourg, buyingbusinesstravel.com reports.  

EasyJet has also announced a seven year strategic commercial partnership with Gatwick Airport, which will see the airline’s service improve further and could lead to the airline launching more services.

With the addition of these routes, the airline now flies to a total of 108 destinations and a reported 2.3 million business travellers flew with the service in 2013.

Hugh Aitken, EasyJet’s UK commercial manager, told citmagazine.com that the airline will also be increasing it’ service to and from Inverness which will ensure that Britain remains well connected.

Mr Aitken said: “By adding key European cities like Brussels, Paris and Strasbourg, EasyJet can ensure that business travellers using London Gatwick have convenient and affordable links to key cities.”