Easyjet to double London Luton capacity

Easyjet could double the number of passengers it brings through the gates of London Luton over the next decade, buyingbusinesstravel.com reports.

A new ten-year agreement has been signed by both parties which would double the current number of Easyjet passengers to nine million every year.

Work will start right away on the new objective, with Easyjet planning to increase capacity on its 15 Luton-based aircraft by one fifth during 2014. It is also looking into new business destinations in order to diversify Luton’s offering and make it more well-known across the corporate world.

Such plans are reliant on being given the go-ahead from government. Whilst application for the agreement was granted last year, community secretary Eric Pickles still needs to give it the green light before any such work can progress.

This announcement shows huge intent from Easyjet, as it comes on the back of a similar seven-year agreement struck up this year between the airline and Gatwick airport. It should see the creation of 2,500 new jobs within the airport and in its surrounding areas.

Speaking of the reasons behind this agreement, Easyjet CEO Carolyn McCall told businesstraveller.com: “Their financial investment and long-term commitment to developing London Luton were a key factor [sic] in agreeing to this new deal and will help us deliver our plans.

“London Luton can make a real and immediate contribution to the need for more airport capacity in the south east.