Eco-friendly weddings on the rise

More couples getting married are opting for eco-friendly weddings, according to an industry expert.

Petra Gatek, the founder of wedding planning firm White Agency claims that green-conscious couples are getting rid of many traditional elements to make way for more environmentally-friendly options.

The expert told this week: “No more printed menus and seating plans but chalkboards that will look great at a country barn wedding. No flower centre pieces that will be thrown away the day, after but herbs in pots that will be re-used.”

Gatek also said that many brides and grooms are now opting for “unplugged” weddings – free from cameras, smartphones and other devices. This means that only the official photographer will be able to capture the day and means guests stay off social media for the duration of the wedding day.

However, another expert told the week that at some weddings, technology is now being used more than ever. Jay Garrison, Video Producer for US firm Alliance Video Productions said that iPads are being used by some couples instead of a traditional guest list, to make things easier.

He also claimed that many couples now make smartphone apps instead of websites to give guests all wedding information they need throughout the ceremony.