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Eco-friendly weddings rise in popularity

An increasing number of couples are opting for eco-friendly weddings, according to a new study. reports that 18 per cent of British couples are hosting eco-friendly events.

The study, by also discovered that there has been a rise of 15 per cent in the number of couples who want to minimise excess and waste created at their wedding.

Site founder, Steph Bishop, said: “There definitely have been some new eco-trends so far this year for couples.”

This could see an increase in couples using recycled decorations for their wedding reception venue or taking things home at the end of the day to reuse on another occasion. reports that guests are being asked to give to charity and offer carbon offsetting gifts rather than buying traditional wedding presents as part of the rise in eco-friendly weddings.

The suppliers being chosen for weddings have also seen a shift, according to the study. Local and artisan suppliers are appearing to be a more popular option for couples looking for everything from wedding favours to food.

A quarter of couples are shunning the more mainstream services and big brands, in favour of smaller, local businesses as part of the environmentally-friendly approach to their big day.