Effective meetings lead to business vision and strategy, claims expert

Businesses need to make sure they are making effective use of their meeting time.

That’s according to business risk expert Patrick Lencioni, writing on startupsmart.com.au, who suggests that businesses which do not make effective use of their time have ‘no clear vision of where they want to be’.

In addition, these businesses have no clear strategy to achieve their vision and it is likely they never had a vision or strategy to start with.

“Meetings should happen regularly: daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly,” he said. “The content and length of these meetings depends on how fast your business and/or your business environment is growing or changing.”

Lencioni also believe that effective meetings are structured to occur at the right times. For example, the CEO could book a conference space for a day-long annual meeting or a quick chat could take place in the boardroom in the morning.

Furthermore, Lencioni likens business meetings to the pumping heart of a company.

“If systems are the backbone of your business, meetings are its pumping heart. Only if the heart can miss a beat without any consequence, then you can miss a meeting,” he advised.

Lencioni’s advice follows guidance from hbr.org which suggests that hour-long meetings should be shortened to 50 minutes, which would give employees an extra ten minutes to return to their normal working day.