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Eight in ten grooms take hands-on approach to wedding planning, finds study

New research indicates that men are becoming much more involved in the planning of their weddings, reports huffingtonpost.com.  

A survey from wedding dress maker David’s Bridal reveals that eight in ten grooms (83 per cent) admit to being openly involved in the planning stages of their big day.  

There’s little wrong with this being the case, as the groom is required to spend just as much on on food, their wedding reception venue and entertainment as the bride.

Even so, the survey suggested that men will take the role of co-wedding planner so seriously that a minor glitch could turn them into a ‘groomzilla’.

In readings cited by nydailynews.com, 31 per cent of brides said the biggest panic trigger was the guest list, 24 per cent voted for the music selection, while 16 per cent said the honeymoon plans would cause their partner to kick off.   

Sarah Pease, a Council member at David’s Bridal, said this proved that weddings are becoming less about the bride and more about the couple.

“I’m seeing that a majority of grooms are not willing to sit back and take a supporting role anymore, especially when it comes to things they find most important on the big day – notably the guests, music and party factor.

“Grooms care about their nuptials more than most people think about their bridges know it.” 

Still, despite brides knowing just how much their other halves want to be involved in the planning process, 18 per cent of those surveyed said they wouldn’t trust their man to make a decision without their input.