Eight out of ten newlyweds sell their wedding gifts online

It seems as if some wedding guests don’t choose the best gifts, as 82 per cent of newlyweds have admitted to selling their presents online.

According to dailymail.co.uk, wedding guests might not pick the best presents because 42 per cent of them feel that buying wedding gifts is stressful. Furthermore, one in ten said they were embarrassed by their gift and one in five expected their present to never be used, returned to the store or sold on onto sites such as ebay.

Guests find the ordeal so stressful, that some even decide not turn up to the wedding reception venue at all, just because they are worried about what to buy. One in ten guests said they have turned down a wedding invitation because of this and six per cent even believe a bad wedding gift choice could ruin a friendship.

Declan Byrne, spokesperson for One4All, which conducted the survey, said: “The average spend on gifts for weddings is high, just under £38, so it would be much better if that money was spent on something that couple really want.”

However, wedding gifts aren’t the only items that turn up on ebay. One bride tried to sell her failed tyre-shaped wedding cake on the auction site, despite the fact it looked awful and was inedible, huffingtonpost.co.uk reports.