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Electronic ticketing could be the future for the Tube, claims survey

Those travelling within London believe that electronic ticketing would make travel a lot easier, with 92 per cent suggesting paperless ticketing is the future.

That’s according to a global survey of 4,500 urban travellers, cited by siliconrepublic.com, which suggests 90 per cent of respondents use public transportation on a regular basis.

Around 78 per cent of Londoners would be prepared to switch to ticketless journeys if it guaranteed to save time, which could be helpful to those pressed for time when travelling to event venues in the capital.

However, almost 90 per cent are worried about the reliability and safety of remote transactions, adds londonlovesbusiness.com, while 75 per cent of commuters were scared that they would lose their mobile phones thus restricting their travel options.

Nevertheless, 52 per cent say they’ll be purchasing most of their tickets via their mobiles by 2014.

Philippe Guittat, global managing director of Accenture’s Transportation Practice, commented on the figures: “Consumer technology is driving a huge expectation for flexible travel – an expectation that transit agencies cannot afford to ignore.

“Travellers believe that price, technological change and consumer demand will drive the provision of paperless travel, and transport companies need to address developments in areas such as smartphone applications and social media strategy if they are to get ahead of the competition,” he added.