Employees ready to spend for corporate Christmas parties

Just under half of UK workers expect to attend employer Xmas parties organised by the employers this year, according to a survey of 3,000 workers by VoucherCodes.co.uk.

As reported by People Management, employees across the UK are looking forward to visiting venues for hire for their annual company celebrations – and many are willing to splash out in preparation. On average, male workers expect to spend some £21 on grooming and clothing for their corporate Christmas party; perhaps unsurprisingly, female workers will spend even more with an average of £40 on pampering and clothes for the big event.

The main reason behind this discrepancy in spending is that many more women are likely to purchase a new wardrobe for their parties. Nearly three quarters (75%) said they would buy new clothes specifically for their work party, with 55% expressly intending to buy new shoes. In comparison, just 41% of men said they would be buying new clothes.

However women are also far more likely to splash out on pampering and preparations for their company ‘do. Nearly half (46%) said they would get a haircut specifically for the day, in comparison to 38% of men. Furthermore a small minority of women said they would spend in more specialised ways, such as with fake tan (17%) or a manicure (17%).