Employees should be on their best behaviour at the Christmas office party

Drink and behave responsibly at the office party this Christmas, advises life coach Dr Pam Spurr writing for the express.co.uk.

While people like to let their hair down during the festive season, Dr Spurr recommended eating a proper meal before the party and alternating with non-alcoholic drinks while there to avoid a blunder with the boss or other colleagues. 

Dr Spurr said: “The chances are you’re only likely to make a fool of yourself if you drink to excess.

“Have a meal beforehand if the party will be offering only nibbles. Food in your stomach means you’re much less likely to be overly affected by that deceptively mild Christmas punch.

“Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones to prevent getting too tipsy. Plenty of water keeps you hydrated and on top of your game.

“Don’t overcompensate for nerves by pretending to be the life and soul of the party. People will see right through it because it’s very hard to pull off if it isn’t your natural personality.”

Furthermore, employers must be aware of liability at holiday office parties, reports the journalofcommerce.com.

Employment lawyer Gabe Somjen of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP told the journalofcommerce that alcohol and employee behaviour can pose a problem and advises employees to remain professional.

“The office party is really just an extension of the office,” said Mr Somjen.

“Just because it is an office party doesn’t mean a person can engage in behavior that is harassing, bullying or discriminatory.”