Employees talking to leaders makes them go the 'extra mile'

Employees tend to go the extra mile for a firm when they are given the opportunity to communicate with leaders.

That’s according to a report by HR consultancy ETS, cited by hrmagazine.co.uk, which aimed to find which factors were important in motivating employees to go beyond the call of duty.

The most significant factor was understanding what is expected in their role and how this supports business goals, gaining 93 per cent favourable responses from staff. Employees ‘believing’ in their leaders was cited by 83 per cent as a significant factor.

Furthermore, employees feeling free to communicate upwards in the company – such as speaking to leaders in a designated conference space, for example – was a factor for 74 per cent of staff.

Samantha Arnold, business psychologist at ETS and author of the report, commented on the figures to prnewswire.co.uk: “Maximising the return from every employee is hugely important at a time when many companies need to do more with less people.

“The diverse sample of data used means that the findings from our analysis are representative of a wider employee population across companies of different sizes, operating in different industries. This means all companies can realise the benefits associated with a more motivated workforce by putting recommended actions in place,” she added.