Employers urged to end parties by 11pm to avoid ‘sickies’

Employer’s organising Christmas party venues, should ensure they end by 11pm if they want to avoid staff pulling hangover ‘sickies’.

According to research conducted by Aviva UK Health, hangover sickies following Christmas party nights are costing the economy 39 million hours in absence.

One in five employees admitted they had called in sick the day after their work Christmas party after drinking too much, while an additional third are either too tired or hungover to ‘function properly’ at work the following morning.

The research found that staff drink an average of 5.5 units when at their company’s festive party, but the statistics have led to bosses being urged to end the parties at 11pm so their staff are sober and can actually perform¬†at work the following day.

Employees within the public sector drink the most at Christmas parties with teachers found to drink the least. Interestingly, one in ten of those questioned said they did not go to bed at all after their festive party.

Dr Doug Wright, clinical spokesman for Aviva UK Health, told Meetpie: “It’s important staff have a chance to let their hair down and enjoy socialising with friends and colleagues at this time of year. However, a lack of sleep and the general ‘morning after the night before’ hangover can leave you feeling the worse for wear.”

“For those who need to drive or operate machinery the next day, the dangers of overdoing it are obvious but being in good form is equally important for many jobs.”