Endless meetings do nothing for productivity, claims expert

Hours upon hours of meetings do nothing for productivity, according to one meetings expert.

John Baldoni, writing for cbsnews.com, believes that senior decision makers are ‘feeding the monster’ by participating in needless meetings that attempt to appease bureaucracy but not the needs of customers or employees.

Furthermore, meetings to discuss future meetings ‘compound the damage’. Instead of being part of useless meetings, managers need to ensure there is a ‘purpose’ behind them.

Baldoni explains: “Managers hold meetings because that is what is expected of them. Such habits are a principal cause of dysfunction – failure to clarify the reason for the meeting. Defining the purpose of a meeting is not the same as setting the agenda; purpose is about why a group meets and what it expects to gain.”

As a result, managers might want define the purpose of the meeting before booking conference space as it could lead to a more productive session.

Furthermore, according to tero.com, productive meetings could also lead to cost savings, higher performance and a competitive advantage in the long run, giving overall business a boost.

“Meetings can be notorious time-wasters. But when managers prepare in advance, clarify objectives, and set expectations, the meetings can be purposeful and productive,” concluded Baldoni.