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Engaged couples sending 'You're Not Invited' cards

Engaged couples are becoming keener to confirm which friends aren’t invited to their wedding.

According to mashable.com, ‘You’re Not Invited’ cards are becoming an increasingly essential purchase amongst couples who want to avoid any confusion with regards to their wedding guest list.

The cards are supposed to be a gentle way of apologising to friends who couples can’t afford to accommodate on their big day. After all, many are limited by their budget or the size of their wedding reception venue.

Some couples are sending the cards via email, whilst others arrange for their wedding planner to make a phonecall on their behalf. However, many recipients of these notices have said that they felt even more offended as a result of the message.

Discussing this bizarre new trend, professional wedding planner Tatiana Byron told dailymail.co.uk that there was a risk of people taking it the wrong way.

She said: “Nine out of ten times, it’s because of lack of space – and the couple feels super guilty. These are usually people they’re friendly with, but not close to. Some of their friends complain and criticise the couple, thinking the planner won’t tell the client. The groom blames and bride and the bride blames the groom.”