English cities to join forces on major events

Major event cities in England have agreed to join forces and collaborate on major events in the future, after putting together the 2018 World Cup campaign.

The England 2018 Candidate Host Cities which includes Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool and Sheffield attended a forum at which the idea of collaborating on bidding for future major events was considered.

The event was also attended by representatives of the Football Association (FA), the Rugby Football Union (RFU), the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, England Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and UK sport, CIT magazine reports.

The Host Cities Forum was organised by Visit London’s Events for London team last week and more than 30 representatives from the cities which also included Milton Keynes, Newcastle and Sunderland attended the event. It is thought the consortium of cities will work together to make decisions on which event spaces will hold future international events in London and elsewhere, similar to what they did when organising the details of the 2018 bid.

Iain Edmondson head of Events for London said: “This was a major milestone for major events across the country – the agreement to work together is a critical step towards England and the UK making the most of major event opportunities in the future. Although the 2018 bid for England was not successful we are keenly aware that there must be some real tangible benefits and a positive outcome from all the hard work and investment that was made.”