Etiquette tips for corporate Christmas parties

Workers heading to corporate Christmas parties this month have been offered a series of tips on how to behave.

Speaking to Mail Online, spokesperson for etiquette publisher Debrett’s Liz Wyse claimed that such events should be seen as an opportunity to impress bosses, rather a potentially embarrassing event.

She urged people to keep moaning to a minimum so as not to get a reputation for complaining, while also not spending too much time talking about one’s own interests.

Ms Wyse pointed out that the relaxed atmosphere can actually be a great time to speak to – and impress – senior management, who might not otherwise be around to engage with.

“Try to keep conversation interesting and upbeat. If your colleague has a family, remember to ask about them. And once the conversation is coming to a natural end, politely move on and speak to someone else,” the etiquette expert said.

If people want to push their politeness one step further, they could follow the‘s guide to how to behave in a manner befitting a ‘Downtown Abbey’ character.

In terms of table manners, this means eating slowly and never over-consuming, as well as avoiding asking other guests to pass anything to you – this is a job for the waiters.