European travellers to benefit from London’s new cashpoints

Commuters and business travellers now have easy access to European currency in London after new euro-dispensing cashpoints were installed at 70 of the capital’s tube stations.

The project is the latest part of Transport for London’s (TfL’s) work to improve the service it provides for passengers, and will no doubt benefit those on brief business visits to the UK.

The machines have been installed in prime locations across the extensive underground network, including London Bridge, Waterloo and King’s Cross St Pancras, where the main Eurostar link to France is situated.

TfL’s director for commercial development, Graeme Craig, was quoted by as saying: “Millions of people use our network each year, including going to or from an airport, Eurostar and coach stations, and these machines have been installed to make it easier for people to access the currency they need.”

Users aren’t required to pay commission when accessing foreign currency, and rates have been chosen to compete with the country’s biggest exchange firms. What’s more, UK cardholders can also use the new cashpoints to withdraw sterling – something which hasn’t always been possible in all of London’s busy stations.

According to, the new machines are the latest in a line of new services unveiled by TfL. Over the past year, it has introduced a number of pop-up shops and innovative new click-and-collect services for travellers to use.