Eurotunnel benefits from draw of events

Events taking place in London and the wider country helped Eurotunnel to achieve record figures in 2012.

Passenger traffic from cars was up seven per cent and coaches also rose by five per cent, reports, with the draw of major occasions helping to inspire Europeans to cross the Channel to Great Britain.

The Jubilee and London 2012 Olympics were the occasions name-checked by Eurotunnel, but smaller events taking place in the capital’s many function venues are also likely to have contributed to Eurotunnel’s success.

Commenting on the yearly results, which saw revenues increase by 14 per cent to reach 993.1 million euros (£835.4 million), a representative from the firm highlighted the high frequency of departures, short journey time, punctuality and carbon footprint as reasons why the company enjoyed such success in 2012.

“The Eurotunnel’s market share increased 4.4 points in 2012 to 50.8 per cent. Major events such as the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics were catalysts for this traffic. Overall, although the economic crisis is not yet over and competition remains strong in the cross-Channel market, customers continue to demonstrate strong loyalty to the Eurotunnel system,” they added.

Jacques Gounon, chairman and chief executive of Groupe Eurotunnel, followed the news by answering a question on Britain’s proposed referendum on European Union member ship, reports

He suggested 90 per cent of Eurotunnel customers would be keen for the country to continue to be a part of the organisation.