Event Awards playlist decided by attendees

The playlist for the upcoming Event Awards’ after-party is to be chosen by attendees of the ceremony, giving the proceedings a more personal touch.

Jeremy King, a spokesperson for the awards, confirmed the news on eventmagazine.co.uk; explaining how those attending from meeting venues and other organisations would have a choice in what music they hear throughout the night.

“We want you to tell us which songs the DJ should play at the Event Awards,” he proclaimed.

“We have already created Spotify playlists for both outdoor events and award ceremonies, but now we want you, the industry, to come up with the songs you want to hear played by the DJ during the after-party.”

King also explained that in order to nominate their favourite track, attendees will have to put a virtual comment in eventmagazine.co.uk‘s virtual comments box. Furthermore, attendees can keep track of what’s been nominated so far.

The move is only one of many the event’s organisers have taken to improve the ceremony and its after-party for 2011. King stated on eventawards.co.uk: “We have made a number of changes to ensure that the user experience has been improved.”

In addition to changing the way the playlist will be chosen, King added that organisers had “refreshed the categories and added two new ones.”