Event caterers must listen to their customers, suggests research

Catering services at Catering services at event venues must take into account consumer trends as a report reveals people would rather dine-out than save.

The research by global consumer and market research group Mintel found that the majority of people would prefer to go out to eat (34 per cent) rather than save or party (both 33 per cent).

However, of these respondents who visited historic buildings, museums and galleries, just 66 per cent of people ate anything the venue offered. A paltry 37 per cent admitted that they also tended to eat snack or convenience foods in order to “refuel”.

This was a big difference when compared to cinema-goers where the majority of consumers (75 per cent) buy some kind of food product sold by the venue, Big Hospitality reports.

Ben Perkins, head of UK food and drink research at Mintel, broke down trends identified within the leisure catering industry into four key areas.

As cited by AmadeusFood.co.uk, he explained: “Today’s food consumers concentrate on four key areas; provenance (local sourcing and traceability), the ability to have a ‘quick snack’, the idea of exclusive dining, and the ability to have a healthy lifestyle.”

“By taking these areas into account leisure venue caterers have the ability to resist the weak economic climate because dining out still remains a strong priority for consumers,” he said.