Event organiser keener to utilise technology

Event organisers are becoming keener to utilise technology to gain feedback from their customers. 

In a recent poll conducted by IML Worldwide, 90 per cent of organisers admitted that they could make better use of the technology available when gaining insight from attendees.

What’s more, 95 per cent of respondents agreed that this technology improved their decision making when it came to their strategic direction. Sixty per cent said that it had made a “major” difference to their business.

In an interview with freshbusinessthinking.com, IML Worldwide chief executive Richard Fisher agreed that feedback from visitors to event venues was more crucial than ever.

“Our industry is rapidly evolving as technology advancements occur and philosophies on shared intelligence develop. With this evolution comes the opportunity to engage with audiences more fully and rewardingly than ever before,” he said.

Barclays Bank has also completed research indicating the benefits of social media websites in gaining feedback from customers in the events and hospitality industries.

According to citmagazine.com, more than two thirds of leaders in these industries claimed to have enjoyed a “positive” experience attracting customers through these channels. Just over ten per cent claimed that they couldn’t see a return on investment with social media marketing.