Event organisers can learn from failed 2018 bid

Event organisers could learn from England’s failed bid to host the Fifa 2018 World Cup, director of commercial and marketing David Magliano has said.

As reported by CIT magazine, Magliano argued that stronger relationships with decision-makers could have helped England succeed in its efforts to host the 2018 competition.

“There is no substitute for having long-established, warm, mutually respectful relationships between people at the right level of seniority. They had traded favours so there is a level of mutual trust,” he said.

According to Magliano, England was unsuccessful in its bid because it lacked those strong relationships and did not have a compelling story to persuade the panel that the country should play host to the World Cup. During the talk Magliano gave his insight into some of the issues that event planners can face when running and organising high-profile events and event venues or venues for hire, he highlighted the need to be organised to avoid unexpected difficulties.

“During the 2018 bid we used football scarves as a symbol to back the bid and had gained permission to drape one around the neck on Nelson’s Column, but the day before the event, we discovered the crane wasn’t high enough. That kind of issue is something that any events planner can recognise,” he added.