Event organisers display confidence ahead of global conference

Research from the International Outdoor Event Expo (IOEX) suggests that event organisers are incredibly upbeat about their fortunes in the year ahead.

In an IOEX industry survey, two-thirds of event companies (64 per cent) said that their prospects are looking good in 2012, with the over half thinking of investing in technology as a prime catalyst for growth.

L&Si Online reports that 57 per cent of event organisers will be investing in more event technology this year, half of which will be focusing on audio/visual equipment as a means to spruce up their event venues.

Thankfully most have got the budgets to afford to do this too. The survey found 80 per cent of participants have the same budget, or greater, in 2012.

Still, the economy remains a worry. Just under half of businesses are more worried about the global crisis, compared to just one in five who worry that the Olympics might stall their growth.

“The results of the IOEX survey certainly echo the feeling in the industry that 2012 will be an exciting year of growth and change,” commented IOEX organiser Jonny Sullens from UBM Live, on ExhibitionNews.co.uk.

“With so many external factors at the forefront of our minds, the results will now be fed into our seminar programme to make sure we can provide insight for the areas our organiser and brand visitors are interested in,” he added, referring to the forthcoming IOEX global conference.