Event organisers urged to take action to prevent ‘toilet tipping’

Event venues that use temporary toilet facilities have been urged to position them more carefully, to combat a rise in so-called ‘toilet tipping’ incidents.

Toilet tipping, as the name suggests, involves toppling a portable toilet cabin while it is in use. It is certainly not a new phenomenon, and has been a common sight at outdoor festivals and events for many years.

The practice is usually carried out by over-exuberant festival goers, who see it as an amusing distraction and generally do not think about the potential suffering of the person inside.

However, safety advisory firm UK Event Safety has warned that toilet tipping can be highly dangerous, causing innocent people to become seriously injured and contaminated.

While the contents of portable toilets are clearly unpleasant, UK Event Safety is far more concerned about victims being covered in aggressive cleaning chemicals that could cause permanent injury.

Event Magazine cite the recent example of a youngster who ingested chemicals as he was being freed from a toilet, following a tipping incident.

UK Event Safety manager Glenn Ramsden said in a statement: “We are asking event promoters and planners to position the toilets back to back to lessen the risk of them being tipped over.”

The safety firm also urged the perpetrators of toilet tipping to think twice before carrying out the ‘mindless’ act.

“We appeal to those who think that this type of act is funny to think again, put yourself in the situation of those innocent people and also the shoes of those having to deal with the aftermath,” UK Event Safety wrote on their website.