Event venues confident with client IT demands

A new survey investigating the hospitality industry’s comfortability with new technology shows the majority of event venues can fulfil a client’s IT requests.

EventIndustryNews.co.uk reports that 81 per cent of hotels and venues were able to set up pre-ordered IT equipment just as a client requested prior to their meeting or event. Meanwhile, three-quarters of booking agents could also achieve the same.

When it came down to understanding niche IT terminology used for an event, nearly nine out of ten hotels/venues (88 per cent) and agents (89 per cent) showed that they understood these requirements.

Both agents and venues from the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) surveyed in IT specialist Etherlive’s poll agreed that Wi-Fi was key consideration for meetings with under 50 delegates. Just over half (55 per cent) of agents said that Wi-Fi was an important feature for clients, while 35 per cent of venues thought the same.

“The use of IT in events is far reaching and little understood. To say you offer free Wi-Fi simply isn’t enough,” Tom McInerney, director of Etherlive, commented on Conference-News.co.uk.

“From the most basic perspective, delegates are reliant on their PDAs: presentations often use the web and content is frequently streamed across the globe; all of this requires a robust infrastructure,” he added.