Event venues leading the way in waste recycling, claims WRAP

Event venues have little to improve on when it comes to waste recycling – it’s the events themselves that are letting the side down.

This is according to Mervyn Jones, head of products and materials at waste agency WRAP, who believes event organisers must clean up their act if the sector is to realise its target of sending no waste to landfill by the end of the decade.   

The government-supported organisation helps businesses reduce their waste and recently launched its ‘Zero waste events: a 2020 vision’ roadmap – a step-by-step guide to help events venues, planners and organisations create sustainable events. 

Cited by meetpie.com whilst talking yesterday (March 5) at the launch of the roadmap, Mr Jones claimed that the cost of removing waste in April 2013 stood at £72 per tonne. WRAP predicts this to rise by another £8 each year unless companies attempt to combat the problem, although venues might have less to do than other parties.

“Venues mostly are already good in terms of waste management, but the events themselves we need to target,” highlighted Mr Jones.

It was also claimed that some events are leading by example, achieving as much as a 50 per cent recycling rate, although most are managing around 15 per cent.

The events industry is currently worth £36 million and, according to WRAP, will rise to a value of £48 million by 2020. However, as reported by resource.com, the organisation still believes companies could be making significant savings by tackling waste and reducing the impact waste-related overheads have on their finances.