Events enhanced by social media

Conference space organisers are turning to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in order to enhance their events, reports Event Magazine.

According to a new survey, almost 90 per cent of event organisers are using social media platforms to advertise and promote their event. Facebook is the most popular platform, with 65 per cent of industry experts utilising the social network.

However, a massive 14 per cent still neglect the use of social media in promoting an event or an event venue.

Marketers could create events or groups on Facebook to promote their conference or exhibit. This, in turn, could reveal how many people will be attending or not attending the event, allowing the marketer to edit the size of the venue accordingly.

Similarly, retweets on Twitter could show how many people are interested in the event.

Lucky Wright, an industry insider, lists the benefit of the social media experience in events organising: “Social media will hopefully enhance and prolong the event experience and venues themselves can also help facilitate this with their own Twitter feeds and services like live streaming of events.

“Like any other form of marketing though, it’s important to know your audience and identify the correct channel before launching any activity,” she added.

The Mercury suggests that social media is an integral tool in marketing, with “events in Britain this week underlin[ing] its power”.