Events expert blasts government over perception of industry

An events industry veteran has slammed the government believing they have no ‘real awareness of what we do as an industry or what we contribute to the economy’, reports

Simon Burton, managing director of Exposure Communications, made his feelings very clear while speaking at The Guide Live Out of London – an event that brings together key industry leaders, cites He stating the only way for the event venues industry to get any traction with government is to come up with ‘one clear message’.

In addition, he also criticised existing lobbying campaigns for sending muddled messages to those in power.

“We need to look at how we turn a series of ad hoc projects into a long term strategy,” said Burton. “We need a coherent campaign, with a clear objective that speaks consistently across the board. We are a very nuanced and fragmented marketplace at the moment and when we all get in a room we all bring our own personal agendas, not the wider agenda.”

Another member of the event’s panel, Karim Halwagi, believes the industry’s various trade associations need to come together in order to set some clear objectives.

He stated: “It is this lack of focus that is the problem. We’re trying to do too much, we need to simplify what we’re doing. If we could come together through one campaign, one goal and show unity, people would start to believe in it.”