Events industry can drive sustainability efforts, claims MP

The UK events industry will aim to lead by example when it comes to the country’s sustainability ambitions, says MP Nick de Bois.

Speaking at the first Sustainable Events Summit on Thursday (January 24th), De Bois claimed events businesses were in a prime position to not only drive their own growth agendas, but to provide for the nation at the same time.     

De Bois highlighted that successful events can reach out to every industry by turning visitors into permanent customers. The MP added that as companies start to get back on their feet following the economic downturn, sustainability will overtake survival as the main point of focus.

“It was true that since 2008 sustainability has not been so fashionable, when the major issue was one of survival, but that has changed and today major corporations demand sustainability. Not to repeat an overused term, but it is in their DNA,” he told

The MP went on to stress the importance of the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) for Events’ plan to lead an inquiry into how the government can better support businesses connected to the industry – such as conference space providers and events planners. says the plan will seek submissions and evidence from events businesses to determine how competitive Britain is in comparison to other markets.

De Bois said that by the time the next Sustainable Events Summit comes around, the document will have been “widely discussed”.