Events magazine offers top tips for Christmas parties

With Halloween fast approaching people will soon be looking ahead to the next big occasion, Christmas.

Designated party planners all over the country are already planning their work Christmas party and for those beginning to feel the pressure, Event Industry News has shared with readers their top tips for planning a Christmas party.

Tip one is to decide what kind of party it’s going to be. Planners need to be realistic about what is achievable within their given time frame and the resources they have available to them. The main thing to have in mind is what needs to be achieved from the event, once this is confirmed it will be easier to decide if it should be large or small, formal or informal, inside or out etc.

The next top tip is to determine your budget, it needs to be specific so you know what can and can’t be achieved. Recognise any revenue opportunities e.g ticket sales, sponsorship or donations. Keep records of your spending and plan ahead, then you won’t be caught out.

Tip three is sorting the guest list, think about who you need to invite. For a work Christmas party make sure you include the necessary people from all relevant departments. Double and triple check the list in advance to save yourself the embarrassment of missing off an individual.

Location is the next step. Think carefully about where the party should be, Christmas party venues should be easily accessible and near public transport for those that will be drinking. But there also needs to be parking facilities for those that aren’t.

Food and drink at any event is crucial, decide what style of food you should serve; will it be a buffet, bowl food, sit down meal or canapés? What drink will be available, cocktails, wine or soft drinks? Most importantly how will they be served and who will be responsible for clearing up afterwards?

Does you party need a theme? Just because it’s a Christmas party doesn’t mean it should have a Christmas theme. Entertainment is important and can compliment a theme as it helps bring a party to life.