Events management industry to have its own Institute

A new organisation has been created to introduce professional standards and foster greater personalisation in the events industry.

The Institute of Events Management (IEM) is an ambitious new scheme that’s been hailed as a way of ‘revolutionising’ business events. Though initially only being launched in the UK, its aim is to help develop and implement professional standards that can be implemented by event hosts and organisers across the world.

Executive board chair of the IEM, Susan Spibey, made the big unveiling at The Meetings Show, which has been running in London from July 8. She announced that a full launch would take place later this year, which will draw from responses gleaned at her ‘Route to Professional Recognition for Event Managers’ seminars, which were scheduled for every day of The Meetings Show.

Spibey added that events organisers from across the UK have already given their support to the IEM. It has also featured in the Britain for Events manifesto and attained support from numerous other professional bodies, notes. These include the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Speaking to of her plans, Spibey explained: “Our manifesto embraces new dimensions in professional recognition with the IEM Quality Mark featuring qualifications to demonstrate and benchmark competence thanks to accreditation, experiential and front-line learning helping employers and their staff alike.

“Lifelong learning opportunities will prove key to assisting personal development and enhanced career pathways. We intend to open up an ambitious spectrum of information resources, signposting and knowledge sharing. Longer-term aims include establishing a portfolio of awards and bursaries, creating a publications library, setting up recruitment and support services, plus research fellowships.”