Exhibition heads positive about industry's prospects

Key figures in the exhibition industry have reported feeling positive about the industry’s prospects, according to Event Magazine.

Stanco deputy chairman Neil Jackson said that he expects exhibition and conference centres to see “a steady growth” from 2012. 

In fact, according to The Financial Times earlier this month, a range of businesses are expecting the Olympics to generate a boost, whether that’s in their profile or the number of customers they have. According to a report published earlier this month, the Thames Gateway region will see a growth in private sector and institutional investment as public investment in land and infrastructure will make the area more attractive.

“As long as you keep on reinventing your events, you will be ok,” said Trevor Foley, Tfconnect’s chief executive. “The amount of young people wanting to join the industry shows that the future is positive and can only grow steadily from here.”

However, it wasn’t good news for the publicly-funded events industry. Phil Soar, chairman of Waypoint Exhibitions, said: “It’s easy to say government cut-backs will not effect the industry but ultimately education and health events will suffer as they rely on government funding.”

When it comes to business events, NEC venue sales director Richard Pegler said that the same number of companies continue to visit exhibitions, but there have been fewer representatives from each company visiting. He also reported a growth in the exhibition sector, as agreed by three major conference centres in London, with a particular rise in semi-permanent events.